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November 02, 2007


Jenna Z

I simply can't believe the dog bit! My mouth is agape! AGAPE! I can't imagine what they'll look like when you....recover (uncover?) them.


I know I shouldn't laugh at your series of misfortunes, but I can't help it!!!! I do not even want to think about the dog part!!

Love Leigh Things

Oh, bless your heart!!! I had to laugh through your post, which I am so sorry for, becuase it was at your expense. So, I am wishing you much better days!



Thank goodness those bills are cloth, not paper. Please do not tell me where you plan on washing up. And, whose wallet gets them when the dog is finished with them?


Ha! I had to find this one again...I can't help it...it was bad for you, but fun for your readers!

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