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April 13, 2008


Your Sister-In-Law in Manhattan

I really like the Rat Race scarf. Have fun in Boca Raton. I hear it is really nice there.

Does the "stopping in New York" mean we might see you on your way home.


That scarf is adorable!


Great job on the scarf!!! He is so cute.

How exciting to see the Pope!!!


The scarf is so cute :) I've loved watching the progress on it.

BTW as far as needles on airplanes- they technically are allowed (may want to print out the list from TSA where they are allowed). That being said- I wouldn't take on the huge 12" size 17 needles. But sock type needles are easier to get through as well as bamboo needles (plus the bamboo's don't show up on x-rays like the metal ones do). Or you could just crochet some discloths on the plane... Are you going to be at Linda's tomorrow? I can hunt down some Ravelry posts on the topic for you.


Love that rat scarf :)

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