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May 27, 2008



Wow! You are going crazy with the tutorials lately! I love this! I haven't made anything yet, but I love knowing the how-to(s) are here!


That is too cool. Jupiter is amazing.

You could have saved NASA a bunch of money by just creating a felted moonscape!!

I think Pluto has been demoted to a plantoid instead of a planet. I say hooey on that. I was taught Pluto was a planet (and a cartoon character) and so it will always be a planet. LOL

If they wanted to change something.....change that name Uranus....yikes.


I think my little one would love this project, but I am worried about my own success with it. I tried wet felting over a bar of soap recently, and it was a complete disaster. I just ended up with wet, hairy soap. I ended up throwing the roving away. (Ouch.)

I can needle felt with no problems. I wonder what my issue is? The other directions I tried said to very slowly drip water onto the roving, which was a pain and nearly impossible?

Blue Castle

Oh I love this idea! It looks so pretty.


WOW - Very cool - Pluto is my favorite and I'd include it too - just for nostalgia

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