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October 15, 2008



Very clever.

You should send that tip to Martha Stewart. Do you think Martha does Rice Krispies treats???

My Grandmother always made them. Sometimes she used chocolate rice krispies and sometimes she just added peanut butter to the regular recipe.


Sorry chic, but I have never met a Rice Kripie treat I liked:( But your inside out marshmallow bag is clever.


I try not to make Rice Krispie treats too much, because I can eat the whole pan by myself. I do love that marshmallow bag hint, however. And Laurie Colwin is probably my favorite writer ever. I love her novels, her short stories, her food writing ... it's all wonderful.

Jenna Z

Genius! Pure genius! I avoid making them because of the messy marshmallow bowl and club-hand problems but I do love me some crispy rice squares!


Now I really want to make some Rice Krispie treats! By the way, I saw Martha make them once on her old show once but she used different cereal so they were not authentic.

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