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November 28, 2009



Amen! I have been feeling the same way since the day after Hallowe'en when all of the sudden trees replaced the 6 foot tall Grim Reaper statues. :o\ Grrrrr.

Let's also not forget the uninspiring "decorations" the stores are using this year. Christmas packaged marshmellows and canned yams in syrup (whether they are for a "blowout price" or not) aren't really an item of decor placed next to my tree in my home at Christmas. And the rest of the items they've ordered for "Christmas decorations" go downhill from there, eh?

Seriously, at our local "One Stop Shop", believe it or not, the most Christmas-like decoration in the whole place is the volunteer giving of their time and ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. And don't even get me started on the sign we saw for "Holiday Trees" for sale last week!?!

This "Anti-Chirstmas" stuff is making some of us return the Bah Humbug favour, eh? It's going to be a tough holiday this year--especially the more we watch/read news and ads, but if we keep our nose in the Bible and focused on the true meaning of this season and fill our little corner of the world with tradition and generousity, we can't help but win in the end, eh?

Hoping you have a very blessed Christmas season!!


The "reason for the season" fell off the map many, many years ago. Did you know that FDR actually tried changing Thanksgiving in order to boost Christmas sales? The giving of gifts is the problem. Christmas would best be kept by nothing more than a family gathering and attendance at the church of your choice.

Martha Stewart, Hallmark, and the Big Box Retailers have done more to corrupt family values than 50 Cent and a bottle of Hennessey.

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