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August 28, 2010



I'm with you, sister! There was just a segment on NPR talking about how quality has been sacrificed for (seemingly) cheap prices. And on the whole we Americans seem to be eating it up, even if we have to buy two or three of whatever-it-is because of poor quality, thus actually spending as much or more.


We just had this conversation at Tea group! Why, or why do so many of us think more is better? Those unfinished ruffles are killing me! I saw one at The Loft for over $80! No way!


The wonderful thing about this trend is you can buy vintage which has the wonderful finishing techniques you mentioned. I wear vintage almost exclusively for work and feel good about the clothes, supporting local businesses (vintage shops, estate sales), buying off the grid (garage sales, flea markets), and owning more clothing with union labels which were originally made in the US.

By the way, just found your blog and look forward to diving in! I live in Amherst myself!!

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