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July 20, 2008


Tamy ~ 3 Sides of Crazy

OMG - have you considered following up with a letter to their corporate offices? At this point I would be wanting to include the manager's name and remark in my letter. They all owe their customers an apology!!


Wow. I'm with the letter-to-management opinion, too. That store is a lawsuit waiting to happen, if another employee complains (justifiably, if you ask me) about having that kind of stuff in the workplace. Not to mention the whole gross-out/bad customer service part of it. Yuck! Good for you for speaking up.

Your Sister-In-Law in Manhattan

Corporate office is the way to go. A guy named Carl Schlicker is the CEO of this chain. The whole thing is a big liability. If a little boy sees that kind behavior, he might think that groping girls by the chest is a nice way to interact with them (the girl did seem to enjoy herself). Also, the female employee could turn around and claim sexual harassment on the job, and then someone has to cough up a million dollars to compensate the poor thing for her alleged traumatic experience.


Wow. Speaking up, rather than seething internally. You're an inspiration! And who gets ill in July? Must have been those freakish baby races.
Would a kitten help you feel better?


Oh...I bet her (and his) parents are so proud....so charming.

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