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October 17, 2008



I don't think it's an age thing... it's rude and inappropriate to text in the middle of an event like this. I fall into the 31 year old age bracket (I'm probably categorized as too old to get it, too) and often use my phone to text... but never in a situation like this. I would think their regular professors wouldn't allow this in their classes, why would it be ok there?

I've not read this book yet, but hear it's fantastic. I bet that was a great talk you went to (sans the annoying texters).


I can't believe you went to MY school to see a lecture by one of MY favorite (current, not all-time) authors and didn't tell me. Now THAT'S rude.


ME, I too was there. I truly think that the large number of students were there only to get extra credit. I believe that accounts for why so many of them began leaving at 9:00; I am sure you noticed their thunderous departures. Or perhaps something more entertaining was on MTV? And perhaps you noticed the international students were much more attentive? BTW, my group decided boxers.

Amanda from Knit Night

Well, I would consider it to be rude (but I'm 30, so maybe not the generation in question). Some people never take anything seriously, but a whole generation- that's scary!


I am so not a cell phone fan...mine is never charged and only my husband and mom have the number. When I am out I just like to listen to the radio and enjoy the quiet. I must be very old....

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