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November 08, 2008



Wow! You found some great stuff! That cauliflower looks amazing. Please let us know how it tastes.


I've never heard of a Romanesco Cauliflower before--how amazing!


Great finds, especially the cauliflower. If by any chance in those magazines you spy a pattern for tiny felt mouse ornaments (there's a Santa Mouse, a Mrs. Santa Mouse, and a mouse in a hammock that is just as cute as it sounds) could you let me know? My mom and I have been searching for years ... a Christmas magazine, sometime in the early 60s probably ... oh, they're wonderful. Have fun time traveling.

Amanda from Knit Night

Something I learned at Tom Tower's farmstand in Youngstown this summer is that Fortune apples are a Northern Spy/Empire hybrid- in other words, delicious. I've never tried Northern Spy, but will try to find them next year. Oh, and I'd never asked about the funny looking cauliflowers, but I'm glad to know what they're called now. Thanks!

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