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February 08, 2009



Ooooooh!!!! The Valentines of my childhood!!! Some you show I remember receiving. I taught seven and eight year olds, and don't remember anyone with handmade cards either. It's sad. But a parent would have to be not too busy to get supplies (in my house there were always supplies!) and then at least keep an eye on things as the cards were constructed, if not actually help. And help with the cleanup afterward. It makes me sad that more children don't have the chances to do things like this. It makes me sad that so many children don't have the freedom to explore and craft and play that I did, and that my boys did.


I'm with you on the valentines - the ones now are ghastly. I love the ones you found!


Well, I don't think that you're teaching career ovderlaps with my school career (I hope not, as I kind of function on the idea that we're close in age and still am not over the idea that you're a grandma) but I did hand make my valentines 'round about the 1st grade. It was a lot of work, and after that we bought them, but in 1981 both my class and my girl scout troop got home made valentines. After that is was store bought, but not exactly "name brand." I think these would look lovely on the tips of a pair of pasties.


Those cards are great! I wish they still made them like that. The last time I went to buy card for kids in my preschool classroom, I ended up with Hello Kitty ones If I had to buy some now, I think I'd just make them.


P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!

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