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September 01, 2009



It makes me feel old and cranky to say it, but I do not like graphic novels. (I didn't like comic books much as a kid, either, so maybe it's taste and not age.) Loved Nancy Drew, do not like the graphic version of her. At all.


Hmmmmm.... not the vision of Nancy that was in my head when I read the books many years ago. Nancy was sposed to be a smart,level headed everyday girl that we all could relate to!!! That character isn't Nancy to me. She looks evil.


I could not but help notice that you placed Oprah in the same company as Sotomayor, Ginsberg and O'Connor. Sort of like Earl Warren, John Marshall, Thurgood Marshall and Dr. Phil?


Hmmm, Nancy looks a little "hotter" than I had remembered her. More akin to Barbie. I love graphic novels but would have appreciated her not being dolled up a la anime. The portrayals of women in Manga are often not up to my feminist standards. (With quite a few notable exceptions, of course.) And while I do understand the fascination with all things Japanese, it would have been pretty cool if the editors honored her "All American" kind of background.

Eww.. that sounded lamely Nationalistic, really. I am surprised at myself.


Not sure about the renderings of Nancy... but we can always hope that when kids read it they want to read more and maybe get into the classic Nancy Drew books (or heck, books of any type).

What grade levels does the library service?

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